Summer Series

Ages 6-12

We believe sports provides a great arena to help kids HAVE FUN as they grow their faith with their friends.

For kids ages 6-12, This 8-week experience will be at 6PM at our Ashland Location. Along with Sports like soccer, kickball, wiffle ball and water games, each Sunday night will include "Huddle Time" with drinks, popsicles,  and an age-appropriate lesson from the Bible to help build their personal relationship with God.

This program will coincide with our regularly scheduled Sunday evening adult experience and kids experiences for ages 0-5.

Sundays, June 26 - August 14

Want to make this a great experience?

Join the New Kids Sports Team and make these Sunday nights a great experience for the kids in our church and community. Middle & High Schoolers can sign up to be "Team Captains" and adults can help us manage the games and Huddle Time.

Email us here to find out more.

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